St. Mayhem Craft Wine Cooler

We know how to make delicious wine - use good grapes and don’t fuck it up. Whilst this is a rewarding and satisfying endeavor it felt like there was more...

The experiments started around 2012 and our inspiration was peppers. We started by co-fermenting peppers with grapes (fail) and then switched to aging peppers in already fermented wine. Nothing was off limits, we used fresh peppers, dried peppers, pepper extract that goes into potato chips (epic fail) and every type of pepper we could get our hands on.

If you like things to be the exact same way - don't try this wine. If you like uniformity - don't try this wine. If you think wine can only be from France or single vineyards or picked by virgins - we wish you a great life, but we must part ways.

If you are curious. If you embrace risk. If you answer to a higher calling and appreciate artisanal, hand made products … welcome to our tribe.


Kick Ass Sauvignon Blanc with fresh, hand-cut Jalapeno & Habaneros peppers thrown into the tank. We strain off the peppers, thrown in bubbles and seal it in a can. Yes, it is Spicy. Yes, it will make you hungry.

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